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Pink Leather JacketsPink Leather Jackets

Listen to our new EP Keep That Shit To Yourself

A Word About Pink Leather Jackets

Pink Leather Jackets — Photo by Michael Novalski
From left to right:  Nick Rendiero, Nathan Colucci, Chris Woolley, Matt Bellissimo.
Pink Leather Jackets — Photo by:  Michael Novalski

Deep from within the underground barrels of punk rock distortion emerges Pink Leather Jackets, the next thing you NEED to hear.

Pink Leather Jackets are a group of honest dudes from Toronto, Canada with great harmonies, singing really well written, catchy, original punk-rock songs at the top of their lungs. They placed runners-up in 97.7HTZ FM 2020 Rocksearch, have been nominated for a Mississauga MARTY award, recently featured on 94.9 The Rock's Generation Next, and are currently set to release their sophomore EP, Keep That Shit To Yourself, in March 2023.

The band teamed up with Aaron Verdonk (Stereos, Closet Monster) to produce their latest record at Dream House Studios with Calvin Hartwick (OBGMs, Strumbellas) co-producing and engineering.  The record was also mixed by Dave Schiffman (PUP, Strumbellas) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Tragically Hip, Rush).

Catch Pink Leather Jackets live, on any given night, across Southern Ontario.

Some Quotes

Pink Leather Jackets — Photo by M. G. Ommert
From left to right:  Chris Woolley, frontman, vocal and guitar.  Nathan Colucci, bass guitar and vocal.
Pink Leather Jackets — Photo by:  M. G. Ommert

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