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Pink Leather JacketsPink Leather Jackets

Listen to our new EP Keep That Shit To Yourself

Show at Olde Village Free House, Newmarket

The Olde Village Free House image
Olde Village Free House
196 Main St. S.,
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 3Y9

Coming Soon to Olde Village Free House

In 2 days from today, Pink Leather Jackets per­forms a 3 hour and 30 minute show at Olde Village Free House be­gin­ning at 9:00pm Friday March 24th 2023, un­til 12:30am.

Pink Leather Jackets and the Olde Village Free House team in­vite you to join in the fun, plan now to be here. De­tails may change, even at the last min­ute. Be­fore you trav­el, please re­check this site, and phone Olde Village Free House at 905.836.5370 to con­firm.

Sixteen Forties — Pink Leather Jackets

Kane Wilkinson, @dustyorgan
“Sixteen and drinking forties, nothing out of the ordinary, this punk rock track oozing with nostalgia will take you back to the time your friend got kicked out of school, you snuck into a 19+ show, and the bush party you stumbled home from”,

PLJ Sundays 9pm, sponsored by Jack Daniel's

The Wheatsheaf Tavern is the ultimate destination for classic tavern fare, live music, sports and whiskey.  Gracing the southwest corner of King and Bathurst as it has since 1849, our beloved neighbourhood classic has been thoughtfully restored with new energy and life, while retaining the magic and character of its iconic status.  Whether you're after a live show, specials during the week — half-price wings on Monday or Sunday Roast?— or catching up on the big game over a pint, The Wheatsheaf has something for you.

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